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“Ninja principles create a referral based business…”

Ninja has challenged and encouraged me at the same time to be accountable for my time and to “work smart” not just “work hard” giving me time to enjoy my family and my other interests.  It has made my experiences with clients a positive one for the most part due to the fact that the […]

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“Ninja is about much more than real estate…”

Ninja is about much more than real estate, it’s about balance and priorities in life.  Unfortunately, we have allowed our customers (or perceived customers) to dictate our schedule.  As Ninja keeps me focused on priorities, it becomes easier for me to be and act professional.  As a professional, I schedule my time for the things important […]

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“Quadrupled my income…”

“As I am nearing completion of my second year of NINJA, the program has been amazing and life changing. Half way through my first year, I went out on my own, leaving the safety of a team situation. In that year, I doubled the production that I brought in on my own and earned the […]

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“The best part is feeling more in control of my life and my career…”

Since I started NINJA my income has increased. [The first year] it was about $60,000, then [the second year] about $80,000 and then [the third year] I almost hit $100,000, which was pretty awesome since I took six weeks vacation. The best part is feeling more in control of my life and my career. The people I […]

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” I love Ninja…”

I love Ninja and think it has helped me tremendously, for my quality of life and networking. Although I have not made every class in a straight one year period of time, I am planning to do that this year.”   – Chris Fuller

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“Ninja has really helped me to focus my time…”

One of the main reasons my wife and I moved our family to Franklin, TN was to improve our quality of life. Before I took Ninja, I was running in six different directions trying to get and keep my business going. I was never really sure where my business was going to come from so […]

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“Walt was the turning point in my RE career!”

I took his first Ninja selling course in Nashville. My 2nd year I took his ninja selling 2 course and I hired Walt to coach me personally. Wow, what a difference it made. My  income doubled that year, and almost doubled  in my 3rd year of Ninja coaching. He held my feet to the fire, for […]

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“I increased my production greatly…”

Ninja was a turning point in my 20 year real estate career and my personal life. Not only did I increase my production greatly but it also helped me achieve many personal goals. I urge all new and established agents  to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this program.” – Jane Barton, […]

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“Everyone can use a little Ninja…”

Ninja has helped me not only grow in my profession, but also in my personal life as well. We are all given tools to work with, but it’s up to us each individually to use them. Ninja is a simple & effective tool that “anyone” can begin using. I’m sure that just about everyone can use […]

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