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The "ki" sign, meaning energy has been used for a long time to represent Ninja SellingWhat is Ninja Selling?

Ninja Selling © is a proven system based on a philosophy of building realtionships, listening to the customer, and then helping them achieve their goals.  It is less about selling and more about helping people buy.  The system is modeled after the methods and philosophy of one of the most successful real estate companies in the country, The Group, Inc. of Northern Colorado. Using unique processes, systems, and dialogs that they have developed, the 250+ partners average 44+ transactions per year per agent. All this without “cold-calling”, working with strangers, expired’s or For Sale By Owners, and they help each other become wealthy.

In the most simple terms, Ninja Selling © focuses on

      • Increasing your income per hour.
      • Increasing your customer satisfaction.
      • Improving the quality of your life.

The foundation of Ninja Selling is to develop your talents in six key areas.

1. Energy, focus, and thought
Understanding physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. Learning how to focus this energy. Learning how the brain works, how to focus our thoughts, and how we become what we think about.

2. Mastery
Making the commitment to seek mastery in your life. Learning how to consistently produce results that are so beyond the ordinary that many call them miracles. Learning how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

3. Socratic Selling
Learning how to stop selling and start asking the right questions – and then listening. Ninja Selling is less about selling and more about helping people buy. Ninja Selling is about learning to be a master communicator.

4. Controlling the process
Learning to control the sales process and having your customer control the decisions.

5. Customer focus
Ninja Selling is customer centric. It is based on deep market research into what customers want, how they think, and how they make decisions. Ninjas learn how to become perceived as trusted advisors by their customers.

6. Focus on what works
Ninjas learn to focus on doing the vital few that make the difference. They are able to have high incomes per hour because there is little wasted effort. They learn the rituals, routines, and habits of success.

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